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Systems Architecture & Road Map

Are your systems designed to give the product development Environment?
Where is the data you need, do you have controlled easy access to legacy data and systems?
Do your systems and processes allow you to work with your suppliers and customers effectively?
Do you have an effective PLM vision?

Conceptual Engineering

Do you have the necessary staff to support all your new product concepts?
Do you need to virtually prove usability?
Do you understand springback or impact of ply direction?
Would it help to have rapidly manufactured physical examples of your conceptual parts?
Are you looking to maximize the use of standard components and reduce new part count?


Do you need to share your data with suppliers utilizing other systems?
Does your firm utilize role based training plans or simply tool training?
Does your staff understand how to use your business tools and gain maximum benefit?

Full 3D Definition & Annotation of Part Geometry (MBD)

Do you need a proven approach for viewing engineering data downstream, internally and for suppliers?
Is your firm looking to gain FAA approval for MBD(Model Based Design) usage instead of 2D Drawings?
Are your projects developed utilizing a full 3D environment or are you still Drawing based?

Standardization of Best Practices

Are all your people utilizing the correct engineering and manufacturing methods and practices?
Do you have standard processes?
Are all your people using standard methods and techniques across your various product lines?

Advanced Engineering Analysis

Do you have the right technical personnel to make effective design decisions in a timely manner?

Product Testing

Are you looking for system or part qualification?
Can you get your testing carried out as needed or do you have to wait?
Do you need to know your Emissivity values?

Industry Expertise

Is your company looking for assistance with key industry knowledge?
Would Product Optimization give your company an edge over your competitors?

New Materials - Composite Technologies

Are you aware of what new technologies exist and are you optimally utilizing existing technologies?

User support for data creation

Do you have the right support personnel to support your product creation process?

Delivery of Detail Engineering packages

Do you have the right mix of engineering resources to meet your schedules?
Are you developing derivative parts based on legacy data, do you need reverse engineering or drawing to 3D migration?
Are you looking for a capable resource pool that is cost effective and a blend of the right skills?
Do your parts fit first time and are they easy to maintain?

Deployment & Support of data management tools

Do you need proven capabilities, that have real experience in the deployment of data management tools for maximum results?

Shop floor layout architecture

Is your manufacturing plan in line with your engineering schedule?

Robotics integration & programming

Are you utilizing the right mix of automation techniques in your business?

Additive Manufacturing

Are you looking for quick turnaround for prototype parts?
Are you using all the correct manufacturing processes to meet your schedules?

Outsourced manufacturing

Do you need a single POC for tooling & prototype design and manufacture?
Do you always get good quality parts from your suppliers?
Are you choosing the right suppliers who can deliver parts on a timely basis with the right quality that you need?

Business Process Assesments

Is your company aligned to maximize technology & best practices for the right business goals?